Museum of Koldinghus

Interview with Custodian Conni Ramskov, Museet på Koldinghus

When the cultural heritage needs to be preserved properly

At the Danish museum, Museet på Koldinghus, there are no compromises regarding the way the museum items are stored and exhibited.

t is crucial that the boxes, in which the museum items are kept, are inert, flexible and suitable for stacking. It is crucial that the boxes, in which the museum items are kept, are inert, flexible and suitable for stacking. Therefore Ultraplast was contacted.

Koldinghus holds several historical collections from Denmark. The museum items that are carefully kept there consist of finds of ceramics, pottery, silver, amber and pearls of glass etc. Common to all of these items are however the fact that they are very fragile, which naturally make demands on the quality of storage. When Koldinghus was about to purchase new storage solutions, several severe demands were consequently made.

First of all, the items should be able to be stored without suffering damage from the material of the product in which they were kept. Second of all, it was important that the final solution was flexible in a way that enabled the personnel to adjust the product to each items, since no items, off course, are alike. Additionally, it was considerable that the storing products were suitable for stacking. Lastly, it was a demand that the final solution was a long term solution of particularly high quality. As Conni Ramskov, Custodian at the museum, explains: “We work with unique and irreplaceable items; therefore it should be possible to keep the items there for a long, long time, without them suffering any kind of damage”.

In order to find the most optimal solution, Conni Ramskov was advised by the museum’s conservation center, which is specialized in how, for instance, humidity affects the different kinds of material of the museum items. In short, the consevators know how the cultural heritage should be preserved in the most proper way. From the conservation center, Conni was lead to Ultraplast.

“First, I visited the Ultraplast website to get to know the different Ultraplast products. Thereafter, I called Ultraplast and received professional guidance in the products that were able to meet our strict demands. One Ultraplast product we agreed on was the organizing boxes in plastic with loose dividers, which enable us to tailor each box to each item. The high flexibility is definitely important to us! After a few days, we received our ultraplast products”, explains Conni contently.

“It has been a good experience doing business with Ultraplast”, states Conni Ramskov in conclusion. “We got what we wanted – Fast delivery, flexible high-quality products quality products in inert material.”