At estron near Silkeborg, the finished products are safely packed before shipment to the customer.

estron A/S

Interview with Hanne Lindharth Andersen, Purchaser at estron A/S

When quality is given pride of place

Estron very much focuses on quality and service. Living up to these parameters as far as their customers are concerned naturally requires that their products are of the same high quality once they are received by the customer. Quality is merely one reason why Ultraplast has been a trusted supplier since estron’s start-up nearly 20 years ago.

Since 1994, estron has specialised in the design, development and manufacture of professional wire, cable and connector solutions primarily for use in the hearing aid industry, however, also for use in other related industries, such as Audio and Medico. Once estron’s products have been manufactured, they must be safely packed and shipped to estron’s customers. The products, often wires or connectors, are highly sensitive. For this reason, it is of utmost importance to estron that once their finished products reach the customer, they retain the same high quality which they had on leaving the head office near Silkeborg.

In addition to using the Ultraplast Serie 600, estron also uses Ultracon ESD ultraplast boxes, amongst others. Ultracon ESD boxes are manufactured from conductive polystyrene, providing effective and optimum protection for statically sensitive components – such as estron products.

The collaboration between estron and Ultraplast is long-standing and, according to the estron Purchaser, this is due to the reliability of and high service level provided by Ultraplast. ”Generally, delivery times are short and on the few occasions when we have required that an extra effort is made, it has been delivered upon. Similarly, any queries we have had over time have been dealt with seriously, quickly and efficiently” , states a satisfied Hanne.

hus, quality, service and reliability have been the corner stones of the strong relationship between estron and Ultraplast. A relationship which will hopefully also last for many years to come.