Anti static packaging | ESD Boxes | Ultracon

Ultracon anti static electrostatic discharge (ESD) boxes are made of conductive polypropylene, providing an effective and optimal protection for static sensitive components and the like. The boxes form a “Faraday cage” that isolates and protects against electric fields, and the ESD boxes are therefore ideal for storing and transporting of static sensitive products.

Ultracon complies to a volume and surface resistivity of 10 to 1000 kOhm.

ESD certificate

The anti static packaging ESD boxes are delivered in the below dimensions, but other sizes can be produced by greater quantities. We therefore offer you a tailor made solution for your products. Please, contact us if you have special requests.


Series 128/20Base 128/20 Ultracon122 x 82 x 22
Lid 128 Ultracon122 x 82 x 10
Series 128/30Base 128/30 Ultracon122 x 82 x 32
Lid 128 Ultracon122 x 82 x 10
Series 600/14Base 600/14 Ultracon55 x 40 x 13
Lid 600/14 Ultracon58 x 42 x 6
Series 600/20Base 600/20 Ultracon73 x 52 x 20
Lid 600/2076 x 55 x 8

Item numbers:

Series 128/20Base 128/20 Ultracon14-120-1006
Lid 128 Ultracon14-616-1006
Series 128/30Base 128/30 Ultracon14-130-1003
Lid 128 Ultracon14-616-1006
Series 600/14Base 600/14 Ultracon14-611-1005
Lid 600/14 Ultracon14-612-1014
Series 600/20Base 600/20 Ultracon14-600-2003
Lid 600/2014-601-2003