Quality Boxes
for many purposes.

Ultra many

Ultraplast. The name says it all

At Ultraplast, we make boxes. Or rather, we injection mold plastic boxes and cases. This simply means that the quality and durability are top-notch. You simply won’t find plastic boxes and cases of higher quality than those from UltraPlast.

The ultra-smart
way to get things


We have sorted out quality and reliability

Our extensive range includes assortment boxes, drawer dividers, storage boxes, and small boxes with lids. In addition, our wide and deep assortment also includes ESD plastic boxes and sorting boxes. So no matter what plastic box or case you need, you’ll likely find it here on the website.

In case you need room for improvement

We have nearly 60 years of experience with plastic components and injection molding. That means our products are not only of ultra-high quality but also ultra-versatile. They can be used for transportation, storage, presentations, and packaging, for example. Our customers are as diverse as our selection, operating in many different industries and countries.

Think outside
the box

If you’re missing a box or case
that you can’t find on the website, don’t despair. Contact us
today. Perhaps we have it after all.
Or maybe we can even make it for you.