Plastic boxes with lid | Series PP

Hofstätter & Ebbesen’s plastic boxes with lid in PP are delivered with either fixed or detachable dividers, resulting in Series PP being highly flexible.

The plastic cases in pp come with a clear lid, a base and four dividers in three different standard colours – black, red and white. Delivery within a few days.

Click and see 3D content and configuration of ultraplast plastic boxes with lid. Please note! Configuration and 3D content only works with Adobe Acrobat reader and
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PP plastic boxes with lid from Ultraplast A/S
PP A6/40

Dimensions – PP A6/40:
Base A6/40122 x 82 x 22
Lid A6122 x 82 x 10
Divider 170/5170 x 41
Divider 107/3107 x 41
PP 188/30, hinged plastic case
PP188/30. PP plastic box with lid

Dimensions – PP 188/30:
PP 188/30 lille185 x 84 x 32
PP 265/80, hinged plastic case
Plastic box 265/80 with hinged lid by Ultraplast A/S

Dimensions – PP 265/80:
PP 265/80 stor265 x 175 x 80

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