Plastic Archiving Boxes – 180 x 120 mm (DIN A6) | Series A6

The plastic archiving boxes from Hofstätter & Ebbesen are series of highly flexible containers and boxes for storing, archiving and display.

The boxes are widely used by museums, collectors and laboratories due to the rugged design, the great flexibility and the ability to stack the boxes easily.

Ultraplast plastic archiving boxes are available in light grey and crytal clear versions in either 4 cm or 6cm depth.

With several different permutations of the standalone dividers, the only limit of how you can divide and customize each box is your imagination. The great flexibility results in the plastic archiving boxes fitting every particular task perfectly.


seriesa6-40 lille


seriesa6-60 lille

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Dimensions – A6/40:

Base A6/40*175 x 112 x 40
Lid A6178 x 117 x 12
Divider 170/5170 x 41
107/0107 x 34
Divider 170/5107 x 41
Sub-div.. A6/40169 x 34
A-div. A6/4053 x 34
B-div. A6/4034 x 34
* Available in anti static ESD variant Ultracon

Dimensions – A6/60:

Base A6/60*175 x 112 x 60
Lid A6*178 x 117 x 12
Divider 169/0169 x 56
Divider 169/5169 x 56
Divider 106/0106 x 56
Divider 106/3106 x 56


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