Plastic boxes with lids – 230 x 180 mm (DIN A5) | Series A5

Ultraplast plastic boxes are widely used by museums, collectors, workshops and laboratories due to their ruggedness, their flexibility and because they are highly suitable for stacking.

The plastic boxes are available in light grey, transparent and in Ultracon

  • Light grey shock-resistant hard plastic
  • Transparent hard plastic
  • Black conductive plastic for electronics (Ultracon)

The plastic boxes are delivered within a few days in two possible heights (4 and 6 cm and 6 different dividers), which result in great flexibility and adaptability.

Please see available dimensions below:


seriesa5-40 lille


seriesa5-60 lille

Click to see 3D content and configuration. Please note! Configuration and 3D content only works with Adobe Acrobat Reader and Microsoft Internet Explorer

Dimensioner – A5/40:

Base A5/40224 x 175 x 40
Lid A5228 x 178 x 12
Divider 219/7219 x 41
Divider 170/5170 x 41
*Available in anti static ESD version Ultracon

Dimensioner – A5/60:

Base A5/60*224 x 175 x 60
Lid A5*228 x 178 x 12
Divider 218/0218 x 56
Divider 218/5218 x 56
Divider 169/0169 x 56
Divider 169/5169 x 56

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