Organiser Box and dividers – 290 x 260 x 50 mm | Series 400

Hofstätter & Ebbesen’s organiser box – Series 400 – are ideal for storage and archiving purposes. The flexible dividers provide endless possibilities for collectors, museums, laboratories etc. – Anyone who is looking for a sturdy and flexible container.

The special design results in the organiser boxes being highly suitable for stacking.

The organiser plastic boxes come in the colour light grey as well. On request, the organiser boxes can be delivered in our ultracon ESD version for static sensitive applications (electronic components, circuits etc.).


Base 400291 x 263 x 54
Lid 400*296 x 268 x 15
Divider 284/6284 x 57
Divider 257/7257 x 57
Divider 284/15284 x 57

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* Available in Ultracon

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