Archive boxes in Plastic – 310 x 230 mm (DIN A4) | Series A4

High-quality transparent archive boxes in plastic from Ultraplast are modular systems with loose dividers that can be combined in countless ways.

The boxes are injection molded quality products that can be delivered in small or large quantities for immediate delivery.

Ultraplast organising boxes can be used as showcases and for storage and packaging.

Ultraplast archive boxes Series A4 in plastic are delivered in the standard qualities:

  • Light grey, shock-resistant hard plastic
  • Crystal clear hard plastic

Ultraplast organising boxes in plastic are delivered in the following dimensions:


seriesa4-40 small organising box


seriesa4-60 medium archive boxes


seriesa4-120 large archive boxes

Click on the images to see configuration and 3D content. Please note! Configuration and 3D content only works with Adobe Acrobat Reader and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Dimensions – A4/40:

Base A4/40310 x 225 x 40
Lid A4315 x 230 x 1
Divider 303/11303 x 41
Divider 219/7219 x 41


Item numbers – A4/40:

Base A4/40 transparent14-440-1001
Base A4/40 grey14-440-1002
Lid A4 transparent14-401-1001
Lid A4 grey14-401-1002
Divider 303/1114-717-1001
Divider 219/714-711-1001



Dimensions – A4/60:

Base A4/60*310 x 225 x 60
Lid A4*315 x 230 x 12
Divider 304/0304 x 56
Divider 304/11304 x 56
Divider 218/0218 x 56
Divider 218/5218 x 56
Sub-div. A4/60304 x 56
A-div. A4/60108 x 56
B-div. A4/6071 x 56
C-div. A4/6053 x 56


Item numbers – A4/60:

Base A4/60 transparent14-460-1001
Base A4/60 grey14-460-1002
Lid A4 transparent14-401-1001
Lid A4 grey14-401-1002
Divider 304/014-718-1001
Divider 304/1114-719-1001
Divider 218/014-709-1001
Divider 218/514-710-1001
Sub-divider A4/6014-714-1001
A-divider A4/6014-701-1001
B-divider A4/6014-712-1001
C-divider A4/6014-720-1001

Dimensions – A4/120:

Base A4/120310 x 225 x 126
Lid A4315 x 230 x 12
Divider 301/11301 x 124
Divider 215/5215 x 124


Item numbers – A4/120:

Base A4/120 transparent14-412-1001
Base A4/120 grey ABS14-412-1003
Lid A4 transparent14-401-1001
Lid A4 grey14-401-1002
Lid A4 grey ABS14-401-1003
Divider 301/1114-728-1001
Divider 215/514-713-1001

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